Data Center colocation

5 Crucial Factors to Consider When Choosing a Data Center Colocation Provider

The growing demands on any company’s IT infrastructure, as well as the operating costs, makes it difficult for in-house data centers to keep pace. Including colocation into your IT strategy eliminates the high costs of building and maintaining your own data center. However, you need to choose your data center colocation provider carefully, as services…

Energy Efficient Data Centers

The Next Challenge for Data Centers: Reaching Energy Efficiency Nirvana

More than 70 years ago, computers were powered by delicate tubes. If you had tried to set up a Google data center back then, it would have consumed as much energy as all of the Manhattan. Nowadays, cutting-edge cooling technologies and advanced data management strategies helped reduce energy consumption and cut down energy costs. Companies…

Data Center Dynamics Converged: Frankfurt, 18 November 2013

While in Frankfurt this week, I attended the Data Center Dynamics Converged event. This was a day-long conference with two halls covering a variety of data center topics across the stack, from basic infrastructure and design for energy efficiency, through business process application methods for data center management.

Is Server Waste a Data Center Security Problem?

For some time now, we’ve been writing about how traditional methods of identifying stranded IT assets fall far short, because of the fact that utilization-based metrics do not accurately reflect value returned to the business by the IT asset. Enterprises are living with substantial drag on their IT operations budgets because of unused or underused servers and server software.