3 Hacks For Building A Successful Hybrid Cloud

Enterprise architecture is increasingly reliant on the hybrid cloud.  For some companies, this may mean leveraging the convenience and cost effectiveness of the public cloud but regulatory demands demand inclusion of a private cloud. Hybrid solutions can carry nuances lacking in public or private cloud system alone. Businesses need to consider several things carefully to…

Data center trends in 2016

5 Trends Shaping the Future of Data Center in 2016

It could be argued that 2016 will be one of the most challenging years for data centers. The exponential growth in computing power will require data centers to restructure how they store, manage, and process data while businesses will request prompt response to ever-changing requirements. Data center facilities must step out of their comfort zones…

Data Center Dynamics Converged: Frankfurt, 18 November 2013

While in Frankfurt this week, I attended the Data Center Dynamics Converged event. This was a day-long conference with two halls covering a variety of data center topics across the stack, from basic infrastructure and design for energy efficiency, through business process application methods for data center management.

Back to Shadow IT

Through some of the work that I do for my Clients, I’ve helped to identify and reduce Shadow IT as a part of better aligning IT delivery with strategic business goals.  It has been sort of a mantra, that Shadow IT is a bad thing and must be eliminated.  Over the past couple of years though, I’ve increasingly found myself second guessing that mantra.


While governance and security are even more important now than in times past, the characteristics of IT services have changed around us.  Take end user devices for example.

VM and IT Services

Our regular readers will understand that we do not routinely report on vendor-specific industry events, but because of the increasing presence of virtualization as a foundational component in enterprise IT architecture, this week’s VMWorld in San Francisco is hard to ignore.

In a press release, VMware revealed a roadmap that is focused on IT services in support of Business. ¬†As expected, there is a lot of focus on the Cloud in this strategy. ¬†Earlier posts in this forum highlight how foundational the Cloud has become in enterprise IT roadmaps. ¬†What is more interesting in this announcement is the focus on IT as a service. ¬†In this post, we are focusing only on the content of VMware’s press release because of its statements about product strategy. ¬†It is recognized that additional color and content apply from the conference more broadly.

Cloud Cloudiness

Confusion Persists

Through several posts on this blog, we discussed the many aspects of confusion around the term, “Cloud Computing.”¬† After attending this year’s Cloud Expo in New York City and seeing the same three-layer stack (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) slide in fifty half of the presentations, I have to conclude that confusion still exists in the minds of the IT community trying to come to terms with the ongoing commotion over “Cloud.”¬† In this writer’s humble opinion, there is very little new food for thought that’s emerged from the Cloud conversation over the past year.*¬† ¬†The proliferation of genuine commercially available cloud services, and the proliferation of conferences and articles on cloud computing seemingly have not improved the understanding of those who are confused about what is and what isn’t cloud computing.¬† ¬†In this article, we will touch upon those old misunderstandings and some of the new ones.