DCIE, Where have you gone?

‘Remember bell-bottom jeans, platform shoes or puka shell necklaces? I mean, of course, the first time we had bell-bottom jeans – not that silly three month period in the ‘90’s. I had some of those back then. They were ‘groovy’ and I was really ‘digging it’. I don’t dress that way anymore (even though I…

Uptime Institute and TIA agree on clear separation of benchmarking terms

Those following this blog will know that we often discuss data center criticality designations, and often the four tier classification system of the Uptime Institute. One of the issues on which we counsel our Clients is the distinction between Uptime Institute “Tier III” and TIA/942 “tier 3” (as well as the other tier levels, respectively).

Data Center Dynamics Converged: Frankfurt, 18 November 2013

While in Frankfurt this week, I attended the Data Center Dynamics Converged event. This was a day-long conference with two halls covering a variety of data center topics across the stack, from basic infrastructure and design for energy efficiency, through business process application methods for data center management.

Is Server Waste a Data Center Security Problem?

For some time now, we’ve been writing about how traditional methods of identifying stranded IT assets fall far short, because of the fact that utilization-based metrics do not accurately reflect value returned to the business by the IT asset. Enterprises are living with substantial drag on their IT operations budgets because of unused or underused servers and server software.

Building Architecture and Data Center Availability

The architecture of a building can impact the availability of a data center, regardless of infrastructure topology investments.  Building architecture dictates constraints in the design of a data center.  Seldom do we have a nice, rectangular box, with easement in all six adjacent directions.  For urban data centers, this issue is especially apparent.  It would…