Internet Capacity – Circa 2010


By Carrisa Baptiste- Mobile Devices Consultant, Advocate Networks, LLC

It has been years since I’ve used a paper telephone book, I use Several of my friends have received their diplomas from online educational institutions. Let’s not forget my eleven year old nephew who has a cellular phone and uses the internet to connect with other players using his Sony Play station.

Wow, how amazing the internet is and the fascinating opportunities it provides to our world!

Over the next few years, blackberries and other personal data devices will be the primary source for wireless connectivity verses the traditional cellular devices. In doing so, the demand for instant and constant connectivity to the internet will increase. It is essential that we start enlarging our infrastructure to allow for additional usage on the network.

Year of the Container Data Center: Spring has sprung for the new limb on the Data Center family tree

Momentum is a powerful force, and momentum coupled with synergies cannot be denied. Today IBM is announcing their entry into the Container Data Center space. Starting with their newly released iDataPlex high density server product, and riding the wake of Microsoft’s widely publicized embracing of Data Center Containers, the recipe was there for a product…