Dimensions of Security in the Data Center

Last month I was asked to do a presentation about data center security for a Data Center Dynamics conference in Atlanta.  In my presentation, I offered an explanation of how the traditional CIA fundamental security model projected onto functional dimensions of data center operations and the role of the data center to the Business.  It also gave me an opportunity to rant about some of my data center pet peeves, such as cardboard and packing material on the computer room floor, and man-traps that are more like marching band traps.  Much of this though was brought to focus onto what I think is a dangerously narrow view of data center availability and the actual impact on a Business’ risk governance plan.

CIA- The Fundamental Dimensions of IS Security

Let me begin with CIA.  For those readers who are not IS security professionals, “CIA” is not the Central Intelligence Agency.  Rather, CIA is the fundamental academic model of the full scope of IS security; Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability.