Apple iPhone vs. Google Android, and the “App War”: What are we fighting about?

In restaurants, airports, and public transportation I often hear debates over iPhone versus Droid.  These are discussions between owners of these devices, and often times with potential owners trying to decide which phone to invest in next.  By the way, I use the term “invest” very specifically, because these devices require more than writing a check.  They require an ergonomic lifestyle change, which for many users comes at the price of weeks or months of “friend-making” with their new phone.

One of the topics that comes up in most of these conversations has to do with the number of applications ( “Apps” ) that are available for the phone.

A friend of mine, Adam Somer, brought my attention to an article in Business Insider that contained the following chart:

The point of this chart, and the text in the associated article, is that the number of apps available for the Android is quickly catching up to the number of apps available for the iPhone.  This is nice to know, I suppose.