Data Center Location, Location, Location

Location, Location, LocationI’ve just returned from a meeting in Washington, DC in which we were assessing training material for certification on the new BICSI data center design best practices.   Along with the fact that I’ve been approached lately with a number of site security assessment requests, it was interesting to review the guidance on data center location.

We have discussed data center location guidelines in this forum before, and with BICSI-002’s alignment with TIA-942, the contribution has been to bring guidance into a contemporary framework.  We bring this up again because while such guidance for mission critical facility location with respect to environmental and human threats has been on the shelf for a long time, chances are very good that your data center is not in good standing with respect to these location guidelines.

For the record, we’ll run through the general list of property adjacencies that contribute risk to the site, in concentric fashion beginning with the closest proximity to the site.