McAfee Inside?

Undoubtedly you’ve heard by now that Intel has a bid on the table to buy McAfee (for $7.7B). ¬†We’ve written before about the collaboration that’s been going on between the two companies for almost two years now, which we suspect is a leveraging of features at both ends of the stack to improve security of data processing devices. ¬†Indeed the two companies share a vision of combined secure hardware and software to protect the full spectrum of Internet connected devices.

So what does this mean for us chickens? ¬†Well, there’s quite a variety of opinion in the industry so far. ¬†The official company line(s) are of course that this will lead to technology that improves security for network connected devices of all types (something we certainly can benefit from), and of course that there is a great opportunity for more sales of security software if every new CPU is seen as an opportunity for that. ¬†However, there is a good bit of open endedness around this. ¬†We’ll at least give you our opinions.