Cloud Computing Panel at the ATP

By Bob Landstrom

This month I had the pleasure of moderating a panel discussion at the monthly meeting of the Association of Telecom Professionals (ATP). ¬†The event was titled, “Atlanta: Global Network Gateway to the Cloud.” ¬†The ATP did a wonderful job of assembling thought leaders from nearly all dimensions of the Cloud Ecosystem.

Representing the ranks of cloud service providers were Matthew Elkourie, CTO of ColoCube (an IaaS provider) and Steve Mannel, Global Industry Executive with (a PaaS and SaaS provider).  The network layer was represented by Paul Savill, VP of Product Management at Level3.  Rounding out the panel was the enterprise user perspective, chaired by Intercontinental Hotel Group VP of Global Technology, Mr. Gustaaf Schrils.

New Guidance from The Uptime Institute- Operational Sustainability

The Uptime Institute recently released new guidance regarding operational behaviors supporting data center Tier levels.  In several other articles, we’ve discussed the notion that The Uptime Institute’s tier models for mission critical facilities are centered upon the topology of MEP infrastructure for increasing levels of site availability, but that these models do not significantly take into account operational maturity, which we will propose is predominantly responsible for availability performance regardless of the topology of infrastructure.  It is the reason that lower tier designs can historically demonstrate availability performance equal to or better than that predicted for higher tier designs (it should also be noted that the converse is true in the cases of poor operational frameworks on higher tier designs).  In this post, we share bits of what has been published by The Uptime Institute regarding this new guidance, and offer our own thoughts and comments along the way.