GoDaddy Adding Business Incorporation Services

Internet domain hoster and registrar, GoDaddy, has recently added business incorporation services to its palette of value added services. It’s reasonable to assume that individuals shopping for low cost domain hosting are launching small businesses. If you’ve shopped for a domain name lately, you know how difficult it is to find a domain close to what you had in mind for your business. In that regard, the idea of registering your business at the same time the domain name is locked in is a pretty cool thing.

We’re told that the incorporation services are being provided by a partner, The Company Corporation. Because business incorporation is not a recurring activity, the use of a partner makes even better sense for this service. While we are not deeply familiar with The Company Corporation, a walk through their web site reflects that they’re probably a very good fit for the type of user who will find quick, online registration of their business attractive. This is also well aligned with GoDaddy’s standing in this same context.