Jim Cramer? C’mon Man!

Well, now I know why I’ve never come out on top whenever I buy one of Jim Cramer’s recomendations.

In a recent (10/22/2009) Mad Money piece on CNBC, Jim Cramer used the Equinix acquisition of Switch and Data to make the point that data centers are obsolete.  In his diatribe about why anyone with Equinix stock should immediately sell, he made the following nearly unbelievable points.

First, he blamed the strong buy and hold recommendation of industry analysts on the fact that these analysts are experts in their field.¬† His logic rests on the position that because these are data center industry analysts, they’re unaware of broader technology issues.¬† That’s right.¬† He’s blaming data center industry analysts for having expertise in their field of knowledge.¬† If you grant some credit to Cramer that maybe he is in fact an expert of his own (which before today I sort of did the same), you’ll perhaps think differently after the following.